Advanced materials

Senior Scientific The scientists and engineers at MHTX are applying the power of physics nanotechnology (Materials Science) to metals, promising to reduce their weight by 25% while doubling their strength. MHTX believes this will result in a reduction in the consumption of both materials, energy and the resources used to produce them: a virtuous circle of less consumption and more strength. In other words, MHTX is a solution to concerns about mounting strain on the globe's natural resources. Details


Imagion BiosystemsManhattan Scientifics acquired the exclusive commercial rights (manufacturing and marketing) to Edward R. Flynn's (president and CEO of Senior Scientific, LLC) patents and IP in the emerging field of nano medicine; specifically Dr. Flynn's work in biomagnetic detection of cancer and other diseases through magnetic field sensors. These sensors make it possible to identify and image small clusters of cancer cells substantially increasing the sensitivity for finding cancer at an earlier stage than is currently available, and without the use of ionizing radiation or large magnetic fields. The biomagnetic sensor method is applicable to breast, ovarian, leukemia, prostate, melanoma, and other cancers. Dr. Flynn's research has been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). In 2017 Manhattan Scientifics spun out our the cancer project as Details

Technology and background

Manhattan Scientifics began as a technology incubator. Early in its history it worked on acquiring several technologies in the fields of holographic data storage, water purification, alternative energy, advanced computer haptics and now, nanotechnology. Its primary source of latent commercial technologies are the US government laboratories in New Mexico.