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Management team

Manny Tsoupanarias

+ Manny Tsoupanarias

Emmanuel (Manny) Tsoupanarias brings to Manhattan Scientifics more than 15 years of senior management and executive experience.

Manny Tsoupanarias was an executive in the power generation and metals manufacturing sector. From 1992 to 2008 Manny served as a Project and Engineering Manager in the power generation sector and from 2000 has served as a consultant in the fuel cell industry. He has engineering and manufacturing skills pertaining to the power generation (both Fossil Fuel and Nuclear), Aluminum Smelting, Petro-Chemical and Pulp and Paper Processing and Cryogenic Gas Separation Industries.

Marvin Maslow

+ Marvin Maslow

Marvin Maslow is the founder of Manhattan Scientifics, Inc.

Marvin is the visionary founder and Chairman of the Board of Manhattan Scientific, has provided inspiration, guidance and capital to over 20 early-stage enterprises during his career as a merchant banker. Team building and capital-raising are his forte

Frank Georgiou

+ Frank Georgiou

Frank is a successful businessman with over 30 years of experience in the Restaurant and Hospitality sectors.

He also served as President of the Pan Gregorian Enterprises of Upper New York.

Science and technology committee

Dr. Edward Flynn

+Edward R. Flynn, Ph.D.

Expert in several diverse fields including nuclear physics, brain research and cancer research.

Dr. Flynn is an expert in several diverse fields including nuclear physics, brain and cancer research. He was a Laboratory Fellow at Los Alamos, awarded due to his innovative research programs, where he founded the Biophysics group and received a Distinguished Performance Award. He was awarded the von Humboldt prize for Senior American Scientists in 1980 for nuclear physics and a Wellcome Trust Award for brain research in 1990. He is an expert in magnetoencephalography for brain imaging and was selected by U.S. Senator Pete Domenici to be the Founding Director of the MIND Institute in 2000. Dr. Flynn founded Senior Scientific, LLC to develop new methods for early detection of disease using targeted magnetic nanoparticles and highly sensitive magnetic detectors (SQUIDs). He has received five grants from the NIH for this research in areas ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease to cancer detection. His company, Senior Scientific, is the only program in the world conducting this type of research and recently has been selected to present aspects of results at NCI Translational Science meetings.

Michael J. Harsh

+Michael J. Harsh

Mike is a co-founder of Terapede Systems and has over 36 years' of experience in healthcare technology, focused on diagnostic imaging. He served as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for GE Healthcare, a $17 billion division of General Electric.

As the Global Technology Leader of Imaging Technologies at GE Global Research, he led the research for X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, PET and Optical Imaging, and the research associated with computer visualization/image analysis and superconducting systems. In 2008 Mike was elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows, for his significant contributions to the medical and biological engineering field.

Terry Lowe, Ph.D.

+Terry Lowe, Ph.D.

Terry has previously served as deputy director of the Materials Science and Technology division.


Dr. Martin Cooper

+Martin Cooper, Ph.D.

28 years chief technical officer with Motorola. "Father" of the cellular telephone. Cooper is the inventor of the cellular telephone that started the world wireless communications revolution.

Dr. Cooper is founder of ArrayComm, a company that works on researching smart antenna technology and improving wireless networks, and was the corporate director of Research and Development for Motorola. He received his degree in electrical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1950, received his master's degree from the same institution in 1957 and an honorary doctorate in 2004.

Dr.Cooper is the inventor named on US patent 3906166 "Radio telephone system" filed on October 17, 1973. He is considered the inventor of the first portable handset and the first person to make a call on a portable cell phone on April 3, 1973, to the bewilderment of passers-by in a New York City street. That first call, placed to his rival Joel Engel, Bell Labs' head of research, caused a fundamental technology and communications market shift toward the person and away from the place. It was the incarnation of his vision for personal wireless communications, distinct from cellular car phones. Dr. Cooper later revealed that watching Captain Kirk talking in his communicator on the tv show Star Trek inspired him to research the mobile phone.

Donald J. Sandstrom

Donald J. Sandstrom, Ph.D.

Donald spent 42 years with Los Alamos National Laboratory where he served as Materials Science Technology Division Leader.

Dr. Henry Rack

+Henry Rack, Ph.D.

He received his B.S., M.S. and Sc.D in Metallurgy from MIT. Since 1985, he has been a Professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University.

He is an ASM International Fellow, member of the National Materials Advisory Board and holds a Humboldt Stiflung in Metal Physics, among many other honors. 
Prior to joining Clemson, he led the commercialization of advanced metal matrix composites.

Dr. Rack is the author of the book “Structural Biomaterials for the 21st Century” and inventor of several advanced materials and processes currently used within the transportation and medical device industries. He has delivered numerous lectures both domestically and internationally.

General Counsel

Flemming PLLC

+Flemming PLLC

Fleming PLLC, with offices in New York, New York and Rockville Centre, New York, provides hands on and focused corporate securities counsel through an experienced business perspective.

Stephen M. Fleming Esq.

Mr. Fleming founded Fleming PLLC in February 2008. Mr. Fleming specializes in corporate and securities law and routinely provides advice to public companies covering a wide array of debt and equity financings, resale and initial registration statements, 34 act reporting, stock exchange compliance and listing and general corporate matters ranging from business planning and formation to corporate governance to contract negotiations. Mr. Fleming’s representation of public companies has also involved mergers and acquisitions including roll-up transactions. Mr. Fleming’s extensive experience includes a variety of business transactions including providing advice on innovative alternative public offerings involving reverse mergers with a public vehicle coupled with private equity financing transactions. Prior to founding Fleming PLLC, Mr. Fleming was a partner with Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP.

Mr. Fleming graduated from Catholic University of America in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In 1999, Mr. Fleming received his Juris Doctorate and Master of Science in Finance from the University of Denver. Mr. Fleming is admitted to practice law in New York, Massachusetts and Colorado.


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