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The Company's business model capitalizes on inventions and technology from which profits are created through licensing. MSI is dedicated to earning profit for its 8,600 shareholders by identifying, supporting, patenting and marketing technical innovation by harvesting top technology talent to bring game-changing product to the market.

We emphasize novel technology in the Nanomedicine space with the potential to be disruptive and the ability to establish sustainable businesses.

We are "patient capital" with experienced business building partners who bring the perspective of merchant bankers, not venture capitalists. Our approach to assist scientists to commercialize their work is by providing a forum within which the commercialization process is fostered through partnerships with existing companies (Fortune/1000 or larger). The entrepreneurial scientists and engineers who join us create personal success and wealth on an accelerated basis by virtue of ownership of publicly traded Manhattan Scientifics shares (OTC QB: MHTX).


Technology : Advenced Materials

Advanced Materials

Manhattan Scientifics has acquired the exclusive rights to the key patents and IP and will soon be positioned to enter into manufacturing and licensing agreements.

Technology : Nanomedecine


Manhattan Scientifics acquired Senior Scientific, LLC in 2011 and quickly began the cooperative work to commercialize its nanomedicine cancer detection technology. In 2017 Manhattan Scientifics spun out the cancer project as Imagionbiosystems.com.

Latest news & media

Manhattan Scientifics Issues Year End Update

NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics Inc. a company that acquires, develops and commercializes life-enhancing technologies is pleased to announce year-end business updates on its two nano technologies for 2020: its Nano-Medicine Cancer and Nano-Medical Metal Alloy ventures. Full story
February 9, 2021

MHTX Former Wholly Owned Sub Announces Breast Cancer Diagnostic Test Begin with First-in-Human Study

Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (MHTX: OTCQB) announces that the first 15-person human study to provide a safety assessment for the company’s use of Nanoparticles for breast cancer detection is underway at Imagion Biosystems Inc. Trades as IBX.AX. Full story
December 17, 2020

Robert Proulx from Imagion Biosystems (IBX) | CEO Masterclass

Peter Switzer is joined by the CEO of medical imaging company Imagion Biosystems (IBX), Robert Proulx. Full video
March 2020

Bob Proulx at NobleCon12

This video captures Senior Scientific COO Bob Proulx's address to investors at the January 2016 NobleCon meeting, where he presents the unique properties of magnetic relaxometry and explains how it can be used to catch cancer in its earliest stages, when life-saving treatments are most effective. NobleCon is an annual conference attended by investors who want to learn about the most promising new technologies and opportunities. Full video
January 2016