Manhattan Scientifics Receives Micro Fuel Cell Patent In Japan

December 6, 2005

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LOS ALAMOS, N.M.-- Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MHTX), a fuel cell alternative energy company, announced today that it has received its first miniature fuel cell patent in Japan. The patent is a result of work by micro fuel cell scientist Robert G. Hockaday and is a significant addition to Manhattan Scientifics' micro fuel cell patent portfolio.

A micro fuel cell is designed to power small portable electronics devices such as cellular telephones, iPods and PDAs. Powered by methanol (windshield washer fluid), the micro or miniature fuel cell is designed to replace batteries in portable electronics by providing electric power to portable devices for weeks or even months at a time without the need to recharge.

Marvin Maslow, CEO of Manhattan Scientifics, said, "Though our micro fuel cell is not yet commercially feasible, we continue our effort to complete the development. Our goal is to create future revenue as a result of ownership of key protective patents.

"Manhattan Scientifics has two fuel cell technologies," Maslow continued. "In addition to our micro fuel cell, we developed and patented a mid-range fuel cell engine that could be used to drive electric scooters and bicycles."

The company developed and tested prototypes of its small light-weight fuel cell engine theoretically capable of driving people on scooters and bicycles long distances inexpensively. Fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity to power the vehicle. An infrastructure of inexpensive hydrogen gas fuel is expected to become readily available at bicycle shops throughout China's cities.

"Tens of millions of people throughout Asia use two-wheel vehicles as normal transportation, and this is our market," Maslow said. "We feel we've built and patented a better mousetrap. Our focus now is to commercialize it through manufacturing partnerships in Asia."

Fuel cell-driven electric bikes may become a solution to the increasing cost of personal transportation in the U.S. Americans are not generally considered to be a bicycle-dependent nation, but an Oct. 9, 2005 article in the New York Times, "Gas Math: Subtract Two Wheels," described the growing trend toward two-wheel vehicles in America ( For many, the obstacles to biking to work no longer seem quite so insurmountable in the face of $70 fill-ups at gas stations. The notion of reducing dependence on imported oil and simultaneously cleaning air is appealing.

About Manhattan Scientifics

Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. ( is located in New Mexico, New York and Montreal. It is focused on technology transfer and commercialization of disruptive technologies in the nano medicine space. The company is presently developing commercial medical prosthetics applications for its ultra-fine grain metals and plans to commercialize the cancer research work and nano medical applications developed by Senior Scientific LLC, a unit of the Company.

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