E-Touch Technology Cited As ‘Coolest Invention’ By Time Magazine

Second Time A Manhattan Scientifics Technology Is Cited By Time

November 12, 2002

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New York, NY, November 13, 2002 - Novint Technology, Inc.'s e-Touch Sono technology, which enables users to "touch" items on a computer screen, has been cited by Time Magazine in a list of "coolest inventions."

Novint, a development partner of Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. (OTCBB: MHTX), has developed the e-Touch technology. The technology has potentially enormous applications in medicine, computer games, Internet shopping sites and a variety of scientific applications.

In its November 18, 2002 issue, Time cited the use of the e-Touch system in allowing expectant parents to "feel" an unborn fetus. The magazine said the technology "combines data from a regular ultrasound machine with a force-feedback mechanism like those used in some video games. Touch the image of a fetal cheek with a hand-held stylus and signals sent from the computer to mechanical motors in the stylus will simulate the sensation of pressing against soft skin. Move the stylus across the fetus's face and you will feel the contours of its nose, lips and ears. Watch the baby's form appear onscreen as you "touch" it with the stylus. What's next? 3-D sculptures that would-be parents can bring home months before their due date."

Last November, Time Magazine named Aprilia/Manhattan Scientifics Fuel Cell Bike as an invention of the year.

Walt Aviles, a pioneer in haptics or touch computer technology and CTO of Novint, co-invented the e-Touch sono technology. "This is an exciting tool that not only gives parents the first glimpse of their child, but also the life-like contact which enables bonding with their child," said Aviles. "The real importance is that the ability to touch may aid early diagnosis of medical problems. Previously, neither parents nor the medical community have had such hands on interaction with a fetus in utero."

Novint CEO Tom Anderson and his wife Kari, whose first child was born in July, used the technology to virtually meet his own son. "I touched my son's cheek before he was born. It was an incredible moment to touch him for the first time. I remember the experience clearly and will never forget it," said Anderson.

The e-Touch technology is important because it represents a fundamental change that makes computers more intuitive, flexible and functional and therefore more valuable. Buying a sweater or a suit on the Internet will resemble real life. One will be able to feel the texture of fabrics and even their weight while shopping at home. You could test drive a car, touch the dash and instruments, or even learn how to repair it. Kids can play with virtual toys in the same manner as real life over the Internet. The technology will impact computer games, distance learning, training of dentists, surgeons, mechanics, musicians, and sculptors, and will be used to educate our children. Additional applications include an interface for the blind, military simulation, computer-aided design (CAD), computer animation and modeling, e-commerce, automobile and tire design, and modeling for oil and gas exploration.

Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. is a company specializing in identification of and early stage investment in disruptive technologies, with the goal of commercialization and profit-creation for its shareholders. Copies of Manhattan Scientifics' press releases, current quotes, stock charts and other information for investors may be found on the websites www.mhtx.com and www.hawkassociates.com.

Novint Technologies, Inc. is a computer software developer based in Albuquerque, NM that specializes in advanced human computer interfaces and haptics (our sense of to Novint has a variety of medical, oil/gas, automotive, and scientific visualization applications based on exclusively licensed technology from Sandia National Laboratories. Novint is additionally exploring mass market applications of computer touch such as computer gaming and Internet applications. Additional information about Novint, a partner company of Manhattan Scientifics, may be found on the website www.novint.com.

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